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Misconceptions About Radiotherapy

Misconceptions About Radiotherapy

  • Radiotherapy is a form of treatment prescribed when there are no other options left at the last stage of the disease.

Radiotherapy is one of the main treatments used on cancer patients. The majority of cancer patients receive radiotherapy at some point in their lives.

  • Radiotherapy burns the skin.

Radiotherapy does not burn the skin. As with any other treatment, radiotherapy has some side effects, but these side effects have been minimized thanks to technological advances.

  • Patients have to be hospitalized during radiotherapy.
    Misconceptions About Radiotherapy
    Misconceptions About Radiotherapy

Radiotherapy does not require you to stay overnight at the hospital; it is an outpatient treatment.

  • It is a long and challenging process to get back to work after radiotherapy.

Most patients continue to work when receiving radiotherapy. Although it depends on the site of application, it is generally a tolerable form of treatment that does not cause disruptions to patients’ daily routines.

  • Radiotherapy is painful.

It is a painless treatment.

  • Radiotherapy causes patients to be radioactive.

You will not be radioactive, and you will not spread radiation after treatment. There is no harm in contacting others.

  • The dose received during the initial tomography may harm the patient. The dose given to our patients during CT scans is very low compared to the dose administered during the treatment and there is no additional harm to the patient.
  • Focal treatment is suitable for every patient.

Focal treatment is not suitable for every patient. It should be your doctor who decides whether focal treatment would be good for you.

  • Radiotherapy causes hair loss.

The effect of radiotherapy depends on the site of application. Your hair will only fall out if you receive radiotherapy in the head and neck area.

  • Radiotherapy compromises the immune system.

It has no effect on the immune system unless very large areas are irradiated.

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