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Today, we perform radiosurgery in a very wide spectrum (in arteriovenous malformations in the brain or in many diseases from brain metastases or glial tumors to benign diseases called trigeminal neuralgia). Radiosurgery procedures, which are applied in cases at a depth that surgery cannot reach or in patients who are inoperable (due to additional problems), can be applied in many areas thanks to the technological developments.

With the use of devices that perform the treatment by respiratory synchronization, it continues to create miracles and appear before us as an alternative method to surgery, especially in the treatment of small tumors in the lungs and abdomen. Do not let “radiosurgery” scare anyone; Of course, this is not a penetrating operation. We call it radiosurgery because very high doses are given at once and ablation (destruction, elimination) is done. As in classical radiotherapy, the patient does not feel any pain.

It is enough for the patient to lay stable and have patience for slightly longer sessions. In parallel with the developments in technology, radiosurgery is being applied more and more. Radiosurgery treatment, which starts with Gamaknife and brain tumors, can be applied to all parts of the body with other devices. Of course, there are reasons for these intensive practices; We can count the necessity of applying local treatment to more patients due to the increasing success of cancer treatments and the prolongation of patient’s lifespan and the development of more metastases in this long process.

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